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    Sensory boards PARO 3

    Code: FR-IN-19

    Technical data sheet:
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    A double sensory board for creative play with a sound that enhances the creativity and sensory experience of children, including those in wheelchairs. The equipment has two panels: the first panel features bongos that are resistant to intensive use and produce excellent sound, providing a durable and high-quality musical experience. The second panel includes thousands of tiny stainless steel balls that cascade from top to bottom, creating a mesmerizing visual and tactile experience. The easy-to-use rotating hourglass can be set and reset for timed play, lasting 30 seconds per cycle. The board's structure is powder-coated black steel, weatherproof, and ready for intensive use. The board is made of HDPE plastic. The poles are finished with spherical decorative elements.

    With this double sensory board, children will be able to develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imagination, all while having fun in a safe and inclusive environment.

    If you prefer, you have the option to mount the board directly onto the wall. In this scenario, rather than relying on metal legs for ground-based support, we offer specialised mounting elements designed specifically for wall installation.

    Product details

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,65 x 0,12 x 1,25 m
    • Safety area: 4,65 x 3,12 m


    • The structure is made of black, powder-coated steel (RAL 9006) 
    • The board made of HDPE 15 mm
    • The playing panel is made of HDPE board
    • Shatter-proof polycarbonate window
    • Stainless steel balls
    • 3 x bongo sizes for different sounds

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