It's important to provide for children safety environment where they could play and have fun. It's fundamental issue for proper development for children’s future life. That's why we provide safe and friendly environment where children could play and have fun using our devices.

We’ve been in global market for 7 years and each our product has certificate compatible with require norms. That’s why you can be confident that Inter-Play will supply a quality and durable products and we’ll be around to keep your play equipment in tip-top shape for years to come. Inter-Play is a producer of metal devices for playgrounds (galvanized + powder painted and stainless steel - inox version as well).

Our offer is divided into a few series as follow: LIMAKO – playgrounds made of stainless steel, sophisticated and designed in unique way ROTO – playgrounds made of galvanized steel and powder painted, very strong – the best for typical public areas PARK - playgrounds made of galvanized steel and powder painted, light and modular INTERGRADO - designed especially for disabled people ARENAS – galvanized and powder painted sport fencing system for team games like soccer game TRAMPOLINES SALTO – colorful products dedicated to ensure maximum fun. We offer them in two shapes and two decoration to choose around the edge. URBAN SYSTEM – in this section you could find benches, set with chairs and table, trash bins, bicycle racks – all to spend good time outside.

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