Inter-Play Video

Below you could find some short videos: two regarding our line – Integrado and Limako, one with our top seller product – Saturn swing and also general Inter-Play movie where you could see a short cut of range of our products.

Moreover we have YouTube channel where time to time we put some videos. Clink link below to check more.

Inter-Play Playground Equipment


Inter-Play playgrounds

Inter-Play Inground Trampoline

Inter-Play Popular playground

Inter-Play Playground for disabled users


Limako line part 2

Limako Birdo - Swing with Birdnest

Limako Dometo Playground Set

LIMAKO for toddlers layout 6

Limako for kids - layout 6

LIMAKO for teenagers layout 6




Yugo carousel

Sono 3

Sono 1


Inter-Play - FITNESS

Inter-Play - Bike II - Exercise instruction

Inter-Play - Triple twister - Exercise instruction

Inter-Play - Pendulum + Twister - Exercise instruction

Inter-Play - Shoulder pull - Exercise instruction

Inter-Play Playground Trampolines

Inter-Play Playing on trampolines

Hexo trampoline in use