• 1. The brand Inter-Play is owned by the company:
    INTER SYSTEM A. Pawłowski M. Soroka Sp. K. (shortly referred to as Inter System)
    T. Zana Street 6, 71-161 Szczecin, Poland, KRS: 0000936648, NIP: 851-305-76-47, registration documents are kept by the Szczecin-Centrum District Court in Szczecin.
  • 2. Bank account numbers:
       a) For payments in EUR: PL16 1750 1077 0000 0000 1213 6967 (BNP Paribas, SWIFT: PPABPLPKXXX)
       b) For payments in USD: PL10 1750 1077 0000 0000 1213 6978 (BNP Paribas, SWIFT: PPABPLPKXXX)
  • 3. When making bank transfers, the recipient field should be filled in with the abbreviated name, i.e. "Inter System".
  • 4. Payment is considered made upon receipt by Inter System of the full amount indicated on the invoice or other document. All bank fees are charged to the Orderer. For foreign transfers, the Orderer is obliged to choose the "OUR" option regarding the distribution of bank charges, i.e. the option whereby the Orderer bears all transfer costs. Suppose Inter System does not receive the full amount indicated on the invoice or other document. In that case, Inter System has the right to withhold the release of goods or refrain from fulfilling the contract for the benefit of the Orderer until the full amount is settled.
  • 5. The Orderer may not make any deductions from Inter System's receivables without the consent of Inter System, unless they result from a final judgment.
  • 6. The products were designed in accordance with the standards EN 1176 (playgrounds), EN 16630 (sports equipment), and EN 1177 (surfaces). Other standards were not considered, so we cannot confirm or deny compliance with them.
  • 7. Inter System provides a warranty for the delivered products under the terms specified in the Warranty Card. Warranty for physical defects is excluded.
  • 8. Requirements for preparing the construction site for assembly, as well as the consequences of not adhering to them, are included in the document "Requirements for preparing the construction site for device assembly".
  • 9. Inter System is not responsible for any delay or non-performance of the order to the extent that it was caused by force majeure. By force majeure is meant external events, independent of Inter System and impossible to predict, such as in particular: war, fire, epidemic, flood, regional communication blockades resulting in the unavailability of raw materials for production, social disasters, or building or construction catastrophes. In the event of force majeure, Inter System will promptly inform the Orderer of the impossibility of fulfilling the order and will agree with him on how to proceed in the given situation.
  • 10. Inter System is responsible for producing the ordered elements, packing them, and making them available for the Orderer to pick up at the Inter System warehouse (in accordance with Incoterms EXW). It is up to the Orderer to decide whether to pick up the goods by his own transport or to use the agency of Inter System to find a transport company for the transportation of the goods. Inter System is not responsible for transport, even if it organises and pays for it on the Orderer's behalf. Protective foams and foils should be removed immediately after unloading the products.
  • 11. A condition for accepting the order for implementation is the detailed definition of the product (installation system, colours, etc.), as well as receiving a deposit by Inter System.
  • 12. Once the order has been accepted for execution, it cannot be modified or withdrawn. The Orderer is obliged to pay the full value of the order in favour of Inter System.
  • 13. The method and type of packaging (e.g., dimensions and appearance of pallets, crates, etc.) are determined by Inter System. If the Orderer has its own packaging requirements, this should be reported at the time of ordering. If the Orderer changes the packaging method or if repackaging becomes necessary, it will be performed for a fee.
  • 14. Unless the parties agree otherwise when placing the order, the Orderer is obliged to:
       • pay for the order by the set deadline,
       • pick up the ordered products within 14 days from the date of informing the Orderer about the readiness of the products for collection. If the goods are not collected within the said period, the Orderer will be charged a storage fee of 10 EUR per day for each Euro-pallet or for every 1 m2 of warehouse space occupied.
  • 15. Inter System may withdraw from the contract, especially when a written or email reminder was ineffective, and the Orderer is in arrears for at least 14 days:
       a) with the payment of the amount due to Inter System,
       b) with the collection of products,
       c) with providing information necessary for the execution of the contract (e.g., specifying product features).
  • 16. Withdrawal from the contract does not deprive Inter System of the right to charge and demand contractual penalties for events that occurred before the withdrawal from the contract, especially for the Orderer's delay. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, regardless of the contractual penalty for this, the Orderer is obliged to pay for those works and materials that remain with him or which cannot be physically returned, or the return of which is pointless (e.g., because it causes damage to materials).
  • 17. Inter System's liability for non-performance or improper performance of the contract is limited to an amount equal to the agreed remuneration (price).
  • 18. In consumer trade, the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are applied, taking into account the mandatory requirements of law regulating legal relations with consumers.
    • 19. Polish law applies to the execution of the order; any disputes will be resolved by the court competent for the headquarters of Inter System, i.e., the common court in Szczecin.