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Data: 2023-11-14

Elevate Your Playground with Our Custom Trampoline Design Tool: A Canvas of Creativity!

The Timeless Appeal of Trampolines

Trampolines have long been a beloved feature in playgrounds and...

Data: 2023-10-02

Redefining Play: Designing Playgrounds for Today's Teenagers

In the era of digitization and ubiquitous screens, places for active recreation for young people are becoming particularly important. A playground for teenagers is not just a space for play, but also a place where young people can develop their physical, social, and emotional skills....

Data: 2023-09-03

Outdoor Fitness: Investing in Community Well-being

In an era where urbanization is rapidly transforming our landscapes and lifestyles, the importance of outdoor fitness areas has never been more pronounced. These spaces, often seen as the lungs of our cities, offer more than just a breath of fresh air. They represent a commitment to community...

Data: 2023-08-31

The Magic of Sensory Playground

The world as we see it is a myriad of sights, sounds, smells, and sensations. Children, as they explore their environment, naturally seek sensory experiences. These experiences not only nourish their minds but also pave the way for essential cognitive, social, and physical development. This is...

Data: 2023-07-31

Eco-Friendly Playgrounds: A Rising Trend in the World of Play

In today's world, the concept of a playground has evolved far beyond just being a place for fun. Modern playgrounds are expected to be safe places where children of all abilities can play, learn, and grow. They are often designed to be inclusive, fostering a sense of community and belonging....

Data: 2023-07-10

Playground design - practical tips for architects.

Designing a playground is not an easy task. It requires not only creativity and imagination, but also an understanding of the specific needs of children. Knowledge of safety standards and regulations is also crucial. A playground that encourages play and develops children's skills...

Data: 2023-06-27

Creating an Inclusive Playground: Ensuring Equality and Joy for All Children

A playground is a place where children have the opportunity to express their creativity, develop social skills, and find joy in play. Unfortunately, not all playgrounds are designed to meet the needs of children with different abilities and requirements. That's why there is a growing demand...

Data: 2023-04-27

Ground Trampolines in Playgrounds: Latest Trends and Benefits

Are you looking for fun and safe play equipment for children of all ages? Look no further than ground trampolines! Our trampolines are designed to be both durable and universal, with a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Today, playground designers and investors are increasingly...

Data: 2021-07-28

New V-shaped lamellas for trampolines

We are proud to announce the improvement of our trampolines by launching unique 

Learn more
Data: 2020-02-18

New Multisport Arena

Our multisport arenas its a perfect solution for any school which would like to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage their students to be more active. Kids love to run, jump, spend time with their friends especially when it is sunny outside. Practising sports from an early age will benefit...
Data: 2019-08-23

New models of trampolines Salto

We introduce a few new models to our Salto trampolines offer. You can choose trampolines in our standard colours (SBR rubber collar in black or red-brown colours) or we can produce customized product especially for client's request. For example, we can make rubber rim in special colour...

Data: 2019-08-23

Playing outdoors

Playing outdoors is great fun for whole families and communities. People tend to spend more time outside if there are facilities to do so. Practising sport is a key point for a healthy life and brings really a lot of fun. Park and common ground has a benefit for all and add value to...

Data: 2019-08-23

Have fun in a safe environment

All kids love to jump. Now they can do it in a safe environment. Top-quality trampoline for long term outdoor use for all year; can be left even in the wet condition. The trampoline is equipped with galvanized springs and a weatherproof jumping mat. The jumping mat is available in 6 colours...

Data: 2019-08-23

Multicolor version of Limako

Recently we updated our series of Limako with new colours! Besides our standard colours of Limako playgrounds (green and yellow), we can offer from now also Multicolor version. It includes combination of red, blue, orange and green colours.

I hope you will like them!

Data: 2019-06-28

Comfort and standard version for fitness devices

The fitness equipment we offer in 2 version - comfort and standard.
Sports devices from comfort version have soft seats and backrests. The seats are very comfortable due to this solution and look more aesthetic. The key point of this version is resistance for heating. Comfort version...

Data: 2019-06-27

Concrete urban furnitures

Recently we designed products family groups consist of Inter-Play urban furnitures.

Family group 1 is elegant urban furnitures made of sophistcated and smooth Deco concrete. Simply and modern designed products makes this group very stylish. These family products offer full range of...

Data: 2019-06-26

Steel urban furniture

Multiplicity of Inter-Play urban furniture gives you really wide choice of tables, benches, bicycle racks, trash bins, bollards , planters classified as stainless steel, galvanized, iron-cost, concrete-made equipment.

Family group 10 made of steel consist of benches, trash bins,...

Data: 2019-06-25

Stainless steel urban furnitures

Did you know, that you can find Urban Furniture section in Inter-Play offer?

It’s perfect and often necessary to be placed on every playground.

Urban furniture we devided into 12 groups of products family. Family group no. 4 which we present in this post consists of...

Data: 2019-04-11

Dragon device

Another playground was finished. This time with products from Integrado line.
We are so happy to share with you photos from final realization.

You could find there products as follow:
- Dragon
- Balancilo 2
- Dometo 3-2

Data: 2019-03-08

Projects for Integrado line

Products from Integrado line are made with special care for disable people who will play after on this products thats why we put much effort to produce safe devices which compatible with all norms. You could find in our offer roundabouts, swings and climbing frames made of galvanized or...

Data: 2019-02-28


If you are interested how look like our products in real life, on playgrounds, check our gallery where we constantly update this section with new photos from the realizations.

Data: 2019-02-28

Inter-Play trampolines

We have received a lot of queries regarding our products - trampolines Salto. We are happy that this products meet with the expectations of our clients.

You could choose from three available groups - Figuro, Magio and Hexo. Figuro trampolines have decorating elements as triangles and...

Data: 2019-02-28

Playground projects

If you need some inspiration to prepare projects for tender - we could help you with that!
Specially for our customers we designed projects section on our website where you could find many exemplary drafts. 
Recently we updated our website with some new...

Data: 2019-02-27

Roto line

We are supplier of the high quality products which are dedicated for children in any age. For us the most important things are safety during the play and make happiness on childrens faces.
In Roto line you could find roundabouts, hanging roundabouts, spinners, net structures, swings,...

Data: 2019-02-27

Park section

Park line is typical series for the public outdoor spaces. Parks devices incorporates elements as roundabouts, swings, seesaws, net structures and climbing frames. Facilities made of hot, galvanized steel, then powder painted which help to provide stability and longevity for any playgrounds....

Data: 2019-02-27

Integrado section

We also go ahead of the expectations for our clients and we designed devices for playground especially for disabled people.

Products from Integrado line are made with special care for disable people who will play after on this products thats why we put much effort to produce safe...

Data: 2019-01-19

Inter Play swings

Children require play. Commercial playgrounds should be age suitable and encourage children to explore their world in a safe and developmentally...

Data: 2019-01-18

Yugo and Yugo 2

There are 2 wheelchair roundabouts in our offer:

Learn more
Data: 2019-01-18

New realization

Limako line was created in colorful and unique way. Products from this line is made of stainless steel forming to snails shape.

Data: 2019-01-18

Urban furnitures

In urban section you could find benches, tables, trash bins, bicycle racks, planters and bollards - all to spend good time outside and fulfill your outdoor spaces. Thanks to their appealing design and the attractive colour alternatives. Inter Play provide various offer for municipal...

Data: 2019-01-18

Inter-Play products

Inter-Play is a producer of metal devices for playgrounds.

Our offer is divided into a few series as follow:
LIMAKO - playgrounds made of stainless steel, sophisticated and designed in unique way
ROTO - playgrounds made of galvanized steel and powder painted, very...

Data: 2018-04-27

Be like superhero!

We continue to present you our new products - trampolines Salto. Below you could find links for few exemplary products:,1687,FIGURO%203,1682,MAGIO%203...
Data: 2018-04-11

Inter-Play trampolines

New season has just started that's why we also start with new products. We created new line of product - Trampolines SALTO. Don't wait and check right now below link where you could find various types of trampolines for your playground!...

Data: 2018-03-26

RAAPA Expo 2018

One of our partner showed products from Limako line on RAAPA Expo which took place beginning of March this year. We feel proud that our devices met with overall positive feedback after the exhibition. We look forward to hearing from all of you who have queries towards us about our products....
Data: 2018-02-14

Limako playground projects

On our website you could find exemplary projects with our products from Integrado, Limako and Park series. Recently we added some more playground projects into Limako line and divided them into 3 groups due to age - for babies, kids and teenagers. If you have some queries after go through...
Data: 2018-01-26

Edito panels

We change a little shape for our multifuncional panels. You could install them together, alone or find in our integrado sets Kajo. For more information please visit our website:
Data: 2017-11-30


Inter-Play is a producer of metal devices for playgrounds (galvanized + powder painted and stainless steel - inox version as well). We are located in Szczecin (north-west corner of Poland). Our offer is divided into 5 series: - LIMAKO - playgrounds made of stainless steel, sophisticated and...
Data: 2017-11-21

Music panel from Limako line

If you would like to know how works our music panel from Limako line, check out 3 videos on our Youtube channel.
Data: 2017-10-11

Electronic platform

Recently, we created a platform where you could download all necessary information, start from technical files 2d and 3d CAD models, renders, data sheets, catalogues in small (16 MB) and big (almost 500 MB) sizes to pictures, projects, films and much more. If you desire to have an account and...
Data: 2017-10-05


Stainless steel series forming to snails shape. Platforms made of HPL board with non-slip texture with a thickness of 10mm. Other elements as roof, entrance ramp, sides of slides, climbing walls are made of colorful material HDPE with a thickness of 15mm. Limako line is made of stainless steel...
Data: 2017-10-02

Exemplary playgrounds for our series

We would like to encourage you to look at the tab "Projects" where you could find our amazing designs for playground spaces. We created exemplary playgrounds for Integrado, Park and Limako series. For sure we will design much more for other lines too!
Data: 2017-09-26

Various products which we have in the offer

We are producing metal playgrounds (galvanized + powder painted and made of stainless steel as well). We are located in Szczecin (north-west corner of Poland). Our offer is divided into 5 series: - LIMAKO - playgrounds made of stainless steel, sophisticated and designed in unique way -...
Data: 2017-09-21

Our recent project

Although summer time ends, we still have full season and installed another playground. Take a look and see our devices from Park line. You could find much more on our website:
Data: 0000-00-00

Pluto swing

In our offer you could find three swings dedicate specially for disable people - Saturn, Pluto and Pogo. First two are made of galvanized steel and the last one made of stainless steel. All three swings have cerificates according to norm 1176. Pluto swing consist of special baby box seat...
Data: 0000-00-00

Sophisticated line

One of our sophisticated and designed in unique way line is Limako. Products from this line is made of stainless steel which is durable in any atmospheric conditions and intense exploitation. In our offer you could find climbing frames for 3 age groups of users, seesaws, swings, roundabouts,...
Data: 0000-00-00

New playground

We are happy to announce that another playground with Limako products is finished. This time our client use:
- dometo 3-1
- tulip
- lavender 1

Limako line was created in colorful and unique way. Products from this line is made of stainless steel forming to snails...

Data: 0000-00-00


Take a look on our spinners. You could find in our offer 3 types of them: Loop, Pirouette and Orbit. Each device has a platform which is covered by PE plate. Thanks to this solution the surface of the device is soft (more safety) and anti-slip. Moreover it is not heating during sunny days and...
Data: 0000-00-00


One of our multifunctional, integrative device designed for wheelchair users is Centaur. It consists of 2 towers, a wheelchair bridge, slide, fitness station. Red floor is made of PE materials. If you interested of final installation result we added some pictures to satisfy your curiosity,...
Data: 0000-00-00

Saturn swing

Saturn swing was designed for wheelchair users.

Saturn swing can be used by disabled users on wheelchair only. More than one person cant use it at the same time. When the swing is in use any person can stay directly nearby safety area. Exploitationis possible only under supervision...

Data: 0000-00-00

Projects Mix

You already should known that we have on our website tab with exemplary playground projects. Recently we added two more ideas which you could find in "Projects Mix" category.
Data: 0000-00-00

Playground roundabout

Playground roundabout is next to slide or swing the most popular device which we could see on the playground area. Children love play on...

Data: 0000-00-00

Inter Play roundabout

Roundabout playground - why roundabout is obligatory on the playground?

Childhood is this period in our live when we take benefits as much as we could - playing with friends and spending time outside to discover the world. Through the play children gain the knowledge about the...

Data: 0000-00-00

Safe roundabout playground

Safe roundabout playground with a guarantee of safe play on the playground

Roundabouts should have obligatory certificate according to standard norm, be colorful, durable and simple to use. Playground roundabout is next to slide or swing is the most popular device which we could...

Data: 0000-00-00

Trampolines SALTO

We meet with the expectations of our clients, thats why we decide to create a new series which is focus on shapes and jumping area. We talk here about trampolines which we named Salto. We offer you the same a great product which we created in colorful way.

You have verious...

Data: 0000-00-00

Trampolines line

We meet with the expectations of our clients, thats why we decide to create a new series which is focus on shapes and jumping area. We talk here about trampolines which we named  Salto. We offer you the same a great product which we created in colorful way with decorating elements around...

Data: 0000-00-00

Yugo 2

We are happy to announce you that another Yugo carousel was installed on the playground and another children will have fun.
Yugo 2 is the smaller version of standard product which is Yugo carousel.
Moreover, Yugo 2 is full integrative product cause children with all abilities...

Data: 0000-00-00

Sport Arenas

In our offer you could find outdoor facilities like arenas for sport activities. We have various option to choose - we propose arenas with goals, without them or even with basketball table. Also you could find simple goals for soccer game and with basket to play basketball too. Its a good idea...

Data: 0000-00-00

Sport system

Sport system we created for families and communities to enjoy the great outdoors. In our offer you could find outdoor facilities like fitness.
Outdoor sport devices dedicated for everyone who wants stay sporty and feel good in their body. No special age group!

Data: 0000-00-00

Exemplary projects for playground and fitness area

Recently we updated our website with some new exemplary projects for playground and fitness area. You could check them all in below link:

If you need some...

Data: 0000-00-00

New realization with Limako devices

We would like to present you our new realization with Limako devices.

You could find there products as follows:

1) swing Arco -