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Everything begins with a swing - Playground for the Monar Treatment Center

In recent days, representatives from our company visited the Monar facility, which we supported last year. Now, we would like to share the details of this initiative with you.

In 2023, acting from the heart for children, we contacted several organizations that help those in need daily. We paid special attention to places where children are present. Our goal was to support a selected center by creating a new space, donating toys to establish a professional playground for free. We knew that the needs in this area always exceed the possibilities, making the choice of a single location extremely difficult.

We decided to support the center in Chrząstowice, operated by the MONAR Association Center for Treatment, Therapy, and Addiction Rehabilitation in Zbicko. The center accommodates men and women dealing with alcohol or drug addiction. Additionally, it provides assistance for mothers with children.

The center received a variety of toys from us, which were installed on its grounds. The new playground for children was created with the following products:

  • Climbing house AVELO 2-5
  • Slide in the shape of an AMBULANCE
  • Play tunnel TUBA 2000
  • Spring rider PONY
  • Two-seater swing ORION 1
  • Outdoor gymnastic ladders for exercises

We heard from Ms. Wioletta Handzelewicz, one of the therapists working at the center, that 'Everything begins with a swing.' This statement has particularly stuck with us. Children staying there with their mothers have gained a new outdoor space where they can not only play but also develop social and sensory skills, as well as interact with each other.

The swing is one of their favorite spots. We are delighted that the new playground brings smiles to the faces of children who have faced difficult circumstances. At the same time, we hope that our initiative will inspire other companies to support those in need as well.

The painting created by the center's residents is one of the gifts we received as a token of gratitude for our initiative.

About the Monar Association in Zbicko

The primary goal of the Monar Association is to assist others with love, tolerance, respect for human dignity, and the preservation of human rights. Monar believes that no one is lost forever, that every person deserves help and a chance to find their place in the world.

The Monar Association in Zbicko has been operating in the Chrząstowice municipality since 1982, helping individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol, as well as the homeless, sick, and lonely. They provide diagnostics, consultations, counseling, addiction therapy and rehabilitation, therapy for relatives of addicted individuals, and work with patients in residential centers using the therapeutic community method.

In programs aimed at overcoming homelessness and supporting socially excluded individuals, they provide assistance to the homeless, victims of violence, people with mental illnesses, and former prisoners.

The association runs a program for women, admitting women and mothers with children addicted to psychoactive substances. Drawing on 42 years of experience, Monar has created suitable, safe conditions for therapy, learning responsibility, and building healthy relationships with their children.

Women form their own therapeutic community where they take on roles, establish daily routines, and learn to cope with the challenges of daily life. All of this is aimed at reintegrating into normal daily functioning without substances after completing the therapeutic process.

And that's what we wish for them!

You can find more information about the center at this link.