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Roundabout playground - why roundabout is obligatory on the playground?

Childhood is this period in our live when we take benefits as much as we could - playing with friends and spending time outside to discover the world. Through the play children gain the knowledge about the life and basic activities which we as an adult make in every day through our live. The simple question to the child which we could ask is - do you enjoy spending time outside and take time on playing on playground device as roundabout? I think the answer in most cases will be the same - many fun it takes! To have even more fun during play on roundabout is to make spin around it by yourself. Amusement parks do not have exclusivity to have roundabouts as a basic facilities to offer to the visitors, every day we could see this devices on well equipment playgrounds. Important is to choose the correct model into playground and then even children from elementary school or kindergarten could use it without any worries.