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New V-shaped lamellas for trampolines

We are proud to announce the improvement of our trampolines by launching unique V-shaped lamellas.

  1. Strength - new reinforcement of the lamellas with profiled truss-shaped skeleton ensures very high durability and resistance to breaking. This technology makes it more difficult to damage the trampoline. 
  2. Safety - the lamellas are equipped with non-slip structures in the form of alternating linear and circular protrusions. Limiting the risk of slipping on the jumping mat increases the safety of play. 
  3. Maintenance - due to wings that increase the width of the lamellas and their unique waving "V" shape, the spaces between particular elements of the jumping mat have been reduced. This solution prevents small objects (for example mobile phones or keys) and rubbish from falling into the trampoline. Thus, the frequency of cleaning and opening the trampoline is reduced.
  4. Comfort wings that increase the width of the lamellas make jumping comfortable as never before.

Having new Inter-Play trampolines you can jump to a new quality level.