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    Swing POGO

    Code: K305


    Swing with inclusive seat. This kind of seat allows children who don't have good balance, a strong grip or good co-ordination, to enjoy the sensation of swinging. The inclusive swing seat fits nearly anyone who needs a supportive, secure ride on a special needs swing.

    Construction made of stainless steel. Swing is with round bench for a parent.

    The playground device consists of

    • 2x frames connected with each other in the shape of an arc
    • 1x seat
    • 1x bench

    Product details

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 3,47 x 0,75 x 2,77 m
    • Safety area: 2,16 x 7,80 m
    • Freefall height: 1,30m
    • A certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN1176


    Construction made of stainless steel AISI 304, with pipes 88,90 x 4,00 mm, 60,30 x 2,00 mm and profile 40,00 x 40,00 x 2,00 mm. The bench made of HDPE material with thickness 15mm.

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