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    Trampoline ORTA-I 150 x 200

    Code: MA-SA-41-I

    Technical data sheet:
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    Rectangular trampoline intended for use on playgrounds with intensive use, adapted for people on wheelchairs, which, thanks to a properly profiled entry and exit, can easily reach the jumping mat. Jumping mat is made of very durable 37 mm width Hercules lamellas, having the shape of the letter "V" and being equipped with reinforced ribs. Thanks to the unique shape of the lamellas, the spaces between the mat elements have been reduced to only 7 mm, which prevents small objects, such as keys or mobile phones, from falling into the trampoline.

    The mat is available in 8 colours. It is also possible to make graphics on the mat. Rubber collar of the trampoline and profiled entry and exit touching jumping mat are adapted to the needs of people in wheelchairs. The collar is available in 2 standard colours and 23 special colours. Additionally, a decorative motif can be made on the collar. Entry and exit are made in red-brown. The trampoline can be equipped with openable cover, which makes it easy to clean inside.

    Warranty for trampolines covers 25 years for metal box and 3 years for lamellas.

    Technical details

    • A jumping mat, made of very durable elements (lamellas), with a non-slip surface, strung on stainless steel ropes in a flexible cover,
    • Elements of the mat (lamellas) in the shape of letter "V" which prevents small objects such as keys or mobile phones,  from falling into the trampoline,
    • Springs fixing the mat, which are arranged around the perimeter of the structure,
    • Rubber collar - a flexible cover covering the upper part of the device and entry and exit, touching jumping mat, adapted to the needs of people on wheelchairs,
    • Rectangular, galvanized metal box.

    Product details

    • Dimension of structure: 1,5 x 2,0 m
    • Dimension of jumping mat: 1,0 x 1,25 m
    • Safety zone: 4,0 x 4,25 m
    • Width of the lamellas: min. 37 mm
    • Width of the gaps between particular lamellas: up to 7 mm
    • Free fall height: 0,90 m
    • Number of wheelchair users: 1 person
    • Foundation depth: - 0,40 m
    • Certificate in accordance to EN 1176


    • The jumping mat is made of very durable V-shaped polyamide elements (lamellas), with a non-slip surface,
    • The lamellas are strung on stainless steel ropes,
    • Rubber collar covering upper part of the trampoline,
    • Rectangular, galvanized metal box.

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