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Inter-Play Hanging roundabouts

Inter-Play products will be a great investment for your playgrounds! From design, components, fabrication, an outstanding product emerges. Tried and tested with weights, cycles, and weather exposure. These products are designed for children 5-12, their grade school years. Our large selection of play components is designed for whole-body fitness of these older children. We have six hanging roundabouts in our offer which are divided into two groups: Zephyr and Monsoon. Each group has three models. Each hanging roundabout has a rotative system inside and to activate it roundabout needs just a simple move for the top part. Zephyr roundabouts have handles which are mounted on the top parts. Thanks to this solution, children could use just hands and hang like monkeys having great fun and spending good time with each other. Monsoon products are consist of seats, which are mounted into upper arms, which also provides a lot of fun. Both groups have products with two; three and four aims to increase the number of users. Hanging roundabouts are from Roto series. The device is made of powder painted galvanized steel.

We use for them RAL 9006 and RAL 7016.

Inter-Play - ZEPHYR 2
Inter-Play - ZEPHYR 3
Inter-Play - ZEPHYR 4
Inter-Play - Hanging roundabout Monsoon 2
Hanging roundabout Monsoon 2
Inter-Play - Hanging roundabout Monsoon 3
Hanging roundabout Monsoon 3
Inter-Play - Hanging roundabout Monsoon 4
Hanging roundabout Monsoon 4
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