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    Inter-Play Cableway

    Inter-Play has been designing and building play structures for over seven years. In all this time, we've focused on total customer value Quality, Safety, Durability. Innovation is a cornerstone of the company, and you'll see the results of creative ingenuity throughout all of our products. One example of our product which for sure, provide good fun during play, is Aspen cableway. It's made of powder painted galvanized steel. We have three option of length - 20m, 25m and 30m long cableway with starting platform. This product includes a rubber seat which is hang up on-chain. Cableway products are perfect for summer resorts, schoolyards, parks and everywhere where is possible to provide space of using this device.

    Inter-Play - TRANSIRO - 20
    TRANSIRO - 20
    Inter-Play - TRANSIRO - 25
    TRANSIRO - 25
    Inter-Play - ASPEN 20m
    ASPEN 20m
    Inter-Play - ASPEN 25m
    ASPEN 25m
    Inter-Play - ASPEN 30m
    ASPEN 30m
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