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    Inter-Play - TELERO 1
    TELERO 1  Spinner 

    Spinner with the sloping platform.

    Inter-Play - TELERO 2
    TELERO 2  Spinner 

    Spinner with the sloping platform.

    Inter-Play - MARIN
    MARIN  Spinner 

    Spinner with diameter 0,66 m.

    Inter-Play - LOOP Inter-Play - LOOP
    LOOP  Spinner 

    Spinner with diameter 0,3 m.

    Inter-Play - PIROUETTE Inter-Play - PIROUETTE
    PIROUETTE  Spinner 

    Spinner with diameter 0,3 m.

    Inter-Play - ORBIT Inter-Play - ORBIT
    ORBIT  Spinner 

    Spinner with diameter 1,3 m.

    Inter-Play - ORBIT 2
    ORBIT 2  Spinner 

    Carousel with an inclined disc with a rotating function.

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    It's very important to provide an everyday appropriate environment for children where they could develop and grow in the most positive way!

    Allow us to help you choose the appropriate products that fit your site, playground, common area and meet the needs of children ages 3-10.

    The great example we could give you is our spinners. You could find three types of them: Loop, Pirouette, and Orbit. Each device has a platform which is covered by the PE plate. Thanks to this solution the surface of the device is soft (safer than classic one) and anti-slip. Moreover, it is not heating during sunny days and is not freezing during the winter. There are easy to use and children have much more fun playing on them.