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    Inter-Play MONTO

    What is characteristic of this line is stainless steel tunnel tubes and slides which are dedicated to the embankments areas. We offer various lengths of slides and tunnel tubes which could be chosen by your clients. This kind of product guarantees for sure much fun for any child.

    MONTO products visualization


    Monto Embankment slides and tunnels


    Slides: Great fun with Inter-Play ground slides installed on natural hills is possible now. Various dimensions of these products are available and customized versions can be prepared on request as well. MONTO slides can be offered as a ground product, however, also like stainless steel slide mass production options for your climbing sets. 

    Tunnels:  The underworld can be explored now. Install MONTO tunnel inside the ground and let children discover secret passages to hidden treasures!  

    Narrow embankment slide

    Inter-Play - GLITI 2,29m
    GLITI 2,29m
    Inter-Play - GLITI 2,91m
    GLITI 2,91m
    Inter-Play - GLITI 3,84m
    GLITI 3,84m
    Inter-Play - GLITI 4,77m
    GLITI 4,77m
    Inter-Play - GLITI  5,70 m
    GLITI 5,70 m
    Inter-Play - GLITI  6,63m
    GLITI 6,63m

    Wide embankmant slides

    Inter-Play - ELIRI 2,29m
    ELIRI 2,29m
    Inter-Play - ELIRI 2,91m
    ELIRI 2,91m
    Inter-Play - ELIRI 3,84m
    ELIRI 3,84m
    Inter-Play - ELIRI 4,77m
    ELIRI 4,77m
    Inter-Play - ELIRI 5,70m
    ELIRI 5,70m
    Inter-Play - ELIRI 6,63m
    ELIRI 6,63m

    Embankment rail slides

    Inter-Play - RELO 1,00 m
    RELO 1,00 m
    Inter-Play - RELO 1,64 m
    RELO 1,64 m
    Inter-Play - RELO 2,28 m
    RELO 2,28 m
    Inter-Play - RELO 2,91 m
    RELO 2,91 m
    Inter-Play - RELO 3,55 m
    RELO 3,55 m
    Inter-Play - RELO 4,18 m
    RELO 4,18 m

    Embankment tunnels (with sloped entrance)

    Inter-Play - TUNELO 200
    TUNELO 200
    Inter-Play - TUNELO 250
    TUNELO 250
    Inter-Play - TUNELO 300
    TUNELO 300
    Inter-Play - TUNELO 350
    TUNELO 350
    Inter-Play - TUNELO 400
    TUNELO 400
    Inter-Play - TUNELO 450
    TUNELO 450
    Inter-Play - TUNELO 500
    TUNELO 500

    Embankment tunnels (with straight entrance)

    Inter-Play - KANALO 200
    KANALO 200
    Inter-Play - KANALO 250
    KANALO 250
    Inter-Play - KANALO 300
    KANALO 300
    Inter-Play - KANALO 350
    KANALO 350
    Inter-Play - KANALO 400
    KANALO 400