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    Inclusive roundabout AUTAN 1

    Code: IS-IN-101

    Technical data sheet:
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    The inclusive carousel allows simultaneous use by 1 person in a wheelchair and 4 people sitting on benches.

    The carousel is set in motion by a person located on the outside. All elements are painted with an epoxy-zinc primer and paint. The construction is made of black steel. The floor is made of ribbed, non-slip aluminum sheet. 

    Playground device consists of

    • 1 rotating platform,
    • 2 double benches,
    • 1 position for a person in a wheelchair.

    Product details

    • Device Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,89 x 1,89 x 0,63 m
    • Safety Zone: 5,89 x 5,89 m
    • Free Fall Height: 1.0 m

    Dimensional differences of up to +/- 5% are acceptable.


    • The construction is made of black steel covered with an epoxy-zinc primer and paint (profile 60x40x2, profile 40x40x2, pipe diameter 42.4x2, pipe diameter 33.7x2),
    • The platform is made of ribbed aluminum sheet, 3.00 mm thick,
    • Seats are made of PE board, 15.00 mm thick,
    • Carousel bearing: a system of ball and thrust bearings.

    All images are for illustrative purposes only and may vary from the actual product.

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