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    Tube TUBO 500

    Code: LL-MO-307

    Technical data sheet:
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    5 m long freestanding tube equipped with 5 windows. It’s made of matt stainless steel. Diameter of the tube is 780 mm

    Playground device consists of

    • 1 tube with 2 windows, 240 mm diameter each, and 3 windows, 330 mm diameter
    • 4 handrails finished with ball elements
    • 4 standing legs

    Product details

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5,00 x 0,92 x 1,00 m
    • Size of safety zone: 8,03 x 3,92 m
    • Safety area on both ends of the slide: 1,5 m
    • Weight: 225 kg


    • Tube made of matt stainless steel (0304), wall thickness 2mm
    • Standing legs made of stainless steel

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