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    Playset SHIP 2

    Code: CT-TR-17-H

    Technical data sheet:
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    The playground set looking like a ship. The structure is made of galvanized, powder-coated steel, resistant to weather conditions and intensive use. The structural walls of the device are made of HPL board, and additional decorative elements are made of HDPE. The platform is made of HPL board with a non-slip texture, which ensures safe use.

    Device includes

    • HPL side walls in the shape of ship,
    • 1 seat,
    • 2 platforms with a non-slip texture at a height of 0,60 m and 0,80 m
    • 1 slide with a stainless steel surface and sides finished with HDPE,
    • 1 climbing wall,
    • 2 ladders with two rungs,
    • 1 telescope,
    • 1 steering wheel,
    • 1 fire pipe,
    • 1 movable element in the shape of sailboat,
    • 2 blue decorative elements in the shape of anchor
    • 1 element imitating treasure chest,
    • 1 decorative element in the shape of lifebuoy,
    • 1 movable element in the shape of anchor
    • 3 portholes with convex glass,
    • decorative elements on the side walls imitating sea waves,
    • 1 set of moving parts for the game tick-tack-toe,
    • 1 mast with the flag of a pirate ship.

    Technical data:

    • Dimensions of device (LxWxH):  3,05 x 2,45 x 3,20 m
    • Dimensions of safety zone:  6,05 x 5,97 m
    • Free fall height: 0,80 m

    Material Characteristic

    • The structure is made of powder coated galvanized steel,
    • Side walls made of 6 mm thick HPL board,
    • The platform is made of HPL board, 
    • Additional elements, such as anchors, steering wheel, treasure chest, lifebuoy, sea waves made of 12 mm thick HDPE board.

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