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    Sandbox KOTO 3B

    Code: CT-IN-10

    Technical data sheet:
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    Triple sensory sandbox designed for creative play with sand and water, adapted for use by children in wheelchairs. Triple square-shaped sandbox is equipped with useful tops (leaves) for making sand cakes and sieves and handle for pouring sand. At the bottom of the sandboxes there are attractive elements imitating fossils, like shells or bones. Water outlets installed in the middle of sandbox makes it easier to clean the device after playing. The structure is made of powder coated galvanized steel, resistant to weather conditions and intensive use. Side walls and additional decorative elements are made of HDPE plate. Handle for pouring sand is made of stainless steel.

    Device includes

    • 3 sandbox bowls made of HDPE,
    • 8 corner tops in the shape of leaf for making sand cakes,
    • 9 sieves for pouring sand,
    • 9 elements imitating fossils (shells, bones) placed at the bottom of the sandbox bowl,
    • 2 handles for pouring sand made of stainless steel,
    • 3 water outlets.

    Technical data

    • Dimensions of device (LxWxH): 3,19 x 1,30 x 0,95 m
    • Dimensions of safety zone: 6,19 x 4,30  m
    • A certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176

    Material characteristics

    • The structure is made of powder coated, galvanized steel,
    • Sandbox bowl is made of HDPE,
    • Additional decorative elements are made of HDPE,
    • Shovels made of HDPE,
    • Handles for pouring sand are made of stainless steel.

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