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    Inclusive swing SATURN

    Code: GM1611

    Technical data sheet:
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    One-person gondola swing intended only for wheelchair user and to be installed only for monitored areas. The swing is equipped with a five-elements Safety System INTEGRADO.

    1 - The Lock System prevents the use of the swing by unauthorized persons

    2 - The skid stabilizes the entry of wheelchair into the swing

    3 - Upper shock absorber protects against excessive movement of the swing

    4 - The hoop blocks the ramp opening while swinging

    5 - Bumpers protect persons approaching the swing in the gondola's movement area.

    The user can independently set the swing in motion or stop it by using ropes. The swing can be equipped with a key lock preventing unauthorized use. To close the entrance, pull the ramp with the side chains and block it with the handrail. To open the closed gondola you need to lift the rim blocking the ramp. The swing gondola has rubber bumpers located on both sides.

    For a safety reasons, the fence system separating the swing, key lock system and information board are recommended to be installed.

    Link below presents short video how to use Saturn swing:

    Playground device consists of

    • 1x frame with 4 legs
    • 1x gondola with 2 ropes to move the swing
    • 1x entrance ramp
    • 3x shock absorber
    • 2x gas spring

    Product details

    • Dimensions: 2,87 x 1,89 x 2,66m
    • Safety area: 7,00 x 2,55m
    • Free fall height: 1,13 m
    • Certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176


    • Metal pipes: 42,40 x 2,00 mm, 38,00 x 2,00 mm, 60,30 x 2,60 mm, 88,90 x 2,70 mm with profile 40,00 x 27,00 x 2,00 mm.
    • The legs for the swing: 88,90 x 2,00 mm. Platform: aluminium plate 3,00 mm.
    • Rope 16mm with the plastic ending.

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