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    Code: KS-SW-17

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    Bridge, the device intended for teenagers and adults, consisting of 2 rails to which 5 pipes formed as a steps are fixed. The structure is made of galvanized and powder coated steel. Training on the bridge device affects the sense of balance and improves motor coordination.

    Product details

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 2,16 x 1,00 x 1,40 m
    • Safety area (LxW): 5,16 x 4,00 m
    • Freefall height: 0,3 m
    • Height of the bar: 1,3 m
    • Distance between the rails: 0,84 m
    • User’s maximum weight: 150 kg

    Dimension tolerance is +/- 5%


    • Galvanized and powder painted steel - the devices are painted in green (RAL 6013) and grey (RAL 9006). On request other RAL colors may be used.
    • Construction posts with square profile 80x80 mm (thickness 3 mm),
    • Rounded profile bars with diameter 42,4 mm
    • Screws covered by polymer caps.  

    All images are for illustration purpose only and may vary from the actual product.

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