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Inter-Play INTEGRADO disabled users

What is an inclusive playground? It is a playground where all children can play together according to their abilities in a safe environment, which allowed them to develop and grow.

An inclusive playground for all children who can play together without barriers. Inclusive projects with specialized equipment tailor to the needs of disabled people.  Playground projects with devices, toys, musical instruments, swings and carousels suit for all.

Examples of playground areas for children age 3-12 years old in different sizes and shapes.

The playground can be modified to the specific needs and the area.

Inter-Play - INTEGRADO layout 1
INTEGRADO layout 1
ikona dla niepełnosprawnych
Inter-Play - INTEGRADO layout 2
INTEGRADO layout 2
Inter-Play - INTEGRADO layout 3
INTEGRADO layout 3
Inter-Play - INTEGRADO layout 4
INTEGRADO layout 4
Inter-Play - INTEGRADO layout 5
INTEGRADO layout 5
Inter-Play - FENCING for Saturn swing
FENCING for Saturn swing
ikona dla niepełnosprawnych
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