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    FITNESS equipment

    Inter-Play - FITNESS  layout 1
    FITNESS layout 1   
    Inter-Play - FITNESS  layout 2
    FITNESS layout 2   
    Inter-Play - FITNESS  layout 3
    FITNESS layout 3   
    Inter-Play - FITNESS  layout 4
    FITNESS layout 4   
    Inter-Play - FITNESS  layout 5
    FITNESS layout 5   
    Inter-Play - FITNESS  layout 6
    FITNESS layout 6   
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    Exemplary arrangements of activity zones for outdoor gyms. Outdoor gyms have been divided into zones by the sizes and functionality of the equipment.

    The outdoor gym is dedicated to adults who want to take care of their health and well-being. Thanks to the arrangement of fitness devices, the users feel integrated with other participants and more motivated to use the equipment. The possibility of outdoors exercises become more appealing to the wider population in recent years, it’s become a trend especially in the urban areas with modern communities across the globe. The outdoor gym is a great meeting place for teenagers and adults who want to spend time actively.

    Creating a welcoming, safe and accessible environment is very important to the users. A well-designed environment makes the space more comfortable and user-friendly for children and families of all ages and abilities.