Playground roundabout

Our company also sells various types of playground roundabouts. The devices in our offer are in two material options: galvanized steel powder painted and stainless steel. You could choose if you would like to have roundabouts with seats or without them. In our offer there even are hanging roundabouts. They have handles which are mounted on the top parts. Thanks to this solution children can use just hands to hang like monkeys. We have models that can be used by one, two or even four people at once. Thanks to the highest quality material that the equipment is made of, the playground roundabouts are safe and durable. There are also roundabouts for wheelchair users.
Inter-Play - MIX layout 5
MIX layout 5   
Inter-Play - PARK layout 2
PARK layout 2   
Inter-Play - PARK layout 3
PARK layout 3   
Inter-Play - PARK layout 4
PARK layout 4   
Inter-Play - PARK layout 5
PARK layout 5   
Inter-Play - PARK layout 6
PARK layout 6   
Inter-Play - PARK layout 7
PARK layout 7   
Inter-Play - PARK layout 8
PARK layout 8   
Inter-Play - GLOBO Inter-Play - GLOBO
Inter-Play - RANDO Inter-Play - RANDO
Inter-Play - PLATFORMO
Inter-Play - TURNADO Inter-Play - TURNADO
Inter-Play - POKALO
Inter-Play - LOOP Inter-Play - LOOP
Inter-Play - PIROUETTE Inter-Play - PIROUETTE
Inter-Play - MONSOON 4 Inter-Play - MONSOON 4