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    ARENA 1 (11x7m)

    Code: BO-AR-001

    Technical data sheet:
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    Sports arena, consisting of two floorball goals, two baskets and two entrance gates. Modules to embed into the ground.

    Playground device consists of

    • 2x floorball goals (2,00 x 1,00 m)
    • 2x entrance gates
    • 2x baskets

    Product details

    • Internal dimensions: 11,00 x 7,00 m
    • External dimensions: 13,26 x 9,06 m


    • The construction made of powder painted galvanized steel.
    • Basketball board made of plastic.
    • Basket hoop and net made of stainless steel.

    Differences in dimensions no more than +/- 5% are acceptable.

    The presented drawing should be treated as illustrative. It may be slightly different from the actual product.

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