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    Inclusive roundabout YUGO 3

    Code: GM0621

    Technical data sheet:
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    The carousel enables simultaneous use by three people in wheelchairs and six people sitting on benches. The carousel is equipped with the four-elements Safety System INTEGRADO.

    1 - When the gates are opened the roundabout is immobilized. Rotation is only possible if all gates are closed.

    2 - The centrifugal brake prevents the roundabout from rotating too quickly.

    3 - Turning the handle allows to open the gate.

    4 - Opening the gate while the roundabout rotates causes the device to slow down and stop.

    Each person inside roundabout can move or stop it using a round circle in the middle of the roundabout. Yugo 3 is equipped with three gates.  A special protection system is mounted inside carousel to provide the most secure way to use the product. The carousel won't start with open gates. It is possible to move the carousel once all gates are closed. It is possible to open gates by the person stay inside, by using one of the red handles which are located next to gates. Centrifugal break system is mounted inside the roundabout. It protects roundabouts against moving too fast. 

    Playground device consists of

    • 1x rotating platform
    • 1x middle circle which moving the roundabout
    • 3x double seats with the backrests
    • 3x places for wheelchair users
    • 3x gates
    • 1x integrated mechanism systems inside device: centrifugal brake system, drum braking system, gate lock system and locking system for carousel rotation in the case of non-closed gates.

    Product details

    • Dimensions: 2,47 x 2,47 x 0,79m
    • Safety area: 6,47 x 6,47m
    • Free fall height: 1,00 m
    • Certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176

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