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Urban furniture from family group no. 4 consists of wide range products made of stainless steel and wood. All  construcition elements has slightly rounded  shapes. It cause that  all  products  looks  very  light  and delicate. Benches and trash bins are finshed with spruce avaliable in two colors option - palisander or teak. Bicycle racks are fully made of stainless steel. Moreover all benches, trash  bins and bicycle racks are avaliable in many different shapes and size. Variety of models  from this family group let designe each area in very aesthetics way.


Family 4 consists of:

- stainless steel bench 03 

- stainless steel bench 15

- stainless steel bench 21

- stainless steel transh bin 06

- stainless steel transh bin 07

- stainless steel bicycle racks 01

- stainless steel bicycle racks 02

- stainless steel bicycle racks 08

- stainless steel bicycle racks 09

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