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Trampoline Orta 175 x 225

Code: MA-SA-44


Top quality trampoline for long term outdoor use for all year; can be left even in the wet condition. The trampoline is equipped with galvanized springs and a weather proof jumping mat.

Rectangle shaped trampoline for playgrounds which are intensively use. The jumping mat is available in 6 colours and many patterns to choose. Trampoline is available in two version: openable and non-openable. Openable version facilitates cleaning inside the device.

The rubber collar is available in two options:

SBR – brown/red and black

EPDM – 24 different colours as per attached picture

Springs are made of galvanized steel, which are located around the jumping mat and connect the mat with internal galvanized chest.


1x jumping mat 
1x elastic rubber collar
1x rectangle metal chest

Product details

  • Dimension of the device: 1,75 x 2,25 m
  • Dimension of the jumping mat: 1,25 x 1,75 m
  • Safety area: 5,25 x 5,75 m
  • Free fall height: 0,9 m
  • Number of users: 1 person
  • Foundation depth - 0,40 m
  • Certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176


The jumping mat is made of lamellas coated with resistant and anti-slip material. Elastic collar around the jumping mat is made of SBR or EPDM rubber, which is durable and long-lasting. Rectangle shaped chest is made of galvanized steel.


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