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    Playset DOMETO 4-1

    Code: K541

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    Colourful four-tower play equipment, designed with inspiration from the shape of a snail! This play equipment is built to last with a high-performance, weather-resistant welded stainless steel construction with no clamps. The posts are finished with spherical decorative elements, making the equipment resemble snail horns. Children will love exploring this play equipment, which features two straight slides, three bridges, one movable bridge suspended on chains, and entrance ladders. The walls of the slide, the tower's roof, and the entrance gangway are made of HDPE board, while the floor is made of an HPL panel with an anti-slip texture, ensuring safe use in all weather conditions. We take safety seriously, and that's why our playground set complies with EN 1176 norm, ensuring that children can play safely and securely.

    Colourful playground sets dedicated to young children. 

    * All stainless steel Limako products are available in galvanized and powder painted version.

    Playground device consists of

    • 16 structural pipes (including 8 bent pipes), finished with spherical decorative elements that resemble snail antennae
    • 1 tower with an openwork arched roof
    • 3 towers with arched metal posts
    • 2 slides with stainless steel handrails and sides finished with an HDPE board
    • 1 entrance gangway with round grips, a rope and 2 handrails made of arched stainless steel pipes
    • 2 entrance ladders in the form of a spiral
    • 1 diagonal climbing wall with holes
    • 2 ladders consisting of 3 posts finished with colourful, round overlays with handrails
    • 4 square platforms with anti-slip texture connected with each other by bridges,
    • 1 movable bridges in the form of 4 colourful discs made of HDPE plates, suspended on chains, with 2 stainless steel handrails,
    • 2 bridges with a non-slip textured floor and rope railings.

    Product details

    • Dimensions: 6,17 x 6,80 x 2,80 m
    • Safety area: 10,11 x 9,80 m
    • Free fall height: 0,9 m
    • The height of the platform: 0,9 m
    • Age: above 3 years
    • A certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176


    • Structure and additional elements (handrails, handles, brackets, etc.) are  made of stainless steel AISI 304
    • Pipe diameter 76.1 x 2.0mm (including two bent pipes), 33.7 x 2.0mm and 25.0 x 2.0mm
    • Profiles: 40 x 40 x 2.0 mm
    • 10mm thick HPL platform with non-slip texture
    • The sides of the slide, tower and balustrades are made of 15 mm thick, 3 layers coloured HDPE plastic 

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