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Chest Press

Code: MD-FS-013

The Chest Press outdoor gym is a perfect device for building strength and stamina. It develops strength of the arms, back and abdominals muscles and improves the cardiopulmonary system. Available in two versions: Comfort and Hard one. Comfort version means that seat and backrest are covered by polyurethane foam (PU system). In the result users never have a feeling of hot touch during very sunny days or cold during frost. The key point of this version is to provide everyone with optimal comfort for exercise. If you prefer mainly resistance for vandalism the best option is to choose version hard with metal seats and backrests.

To do exercise sit down on the seat and grab the handles. Push the handles forward until the elbows are straight. Keep your back upright.

Technical details:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 0,96 x 0,79 x 1,32 m
  • Safety zone: 4,0 x 3,8 m
  • Compatibility with norm EN 1176 confirmed with the certificate
  • Available in two versions: Comfort and Hard 
  • Can be painted in any colour from the RAL palette


  • Construction is made of powder painted steel and protected against corrosion.
  • Handles are made of pipe ended with rounded decorative elements and profiled to ensure ergonomics and user safety.
  • Construction is welded and has no plastic ends, except for bearing connections where it is possible to maintain/repair.
  • The device is mounted on a supporting pole that is attached to the ground by the flange.
  • The flange is screwed with M16 screws into anchor fixed in the concrete. Anchoring nuts are secured against unscrewing.

Differences in dimensions no more than +/- 5% are acceptable.

The presented drawing is for illustrative purposes. Actual product may be slightly different.


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