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    Seesaw IRIS 2

    Code: IS-PA-202

    Technical data sheet:
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    Seesaw dedicated for 4 people, made of galvanized steel and powder painted. Color of construction is grey, the colour of seats is green. Seesaw dedicated to children in age 3-16.

    Note! The seesaw supplied without bumpers.

    Playground device consists of

    • 1x main post
    • 1x arm
    • 4x round handles
    • 4x anti-slip seats

    Product details

    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 3,04 x 0,38 x 0,75 m
    • Safety area: 5,04 x 2,38 m
    • Free fall height: 0,95 m
    • Age: 3-16
    • A certificate confirming compatibility with norm EN 1176


    Construction made of galvanized steel and powder painted. Anti-slip seats.

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