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Limako line colors

Limako line was created in colorful and unique way. The main colors which dominate are yelllow and green for walls, roof and other elements made of HDPE materials. However, you have also other option to choose for above parts for HDPE materials. We offer you for the same price colors like orange, blue, brown, dark green, grey, white, red, purple and white. For floor we have main option in black HPL, but if you prefer other color, as well you could choose from two other option. We have also good news for our customers from warm coutries. It's possibility to have instead of HDPE parts in Limako products HPL materials for roof and walls. We offer colors like dark green, red, green, blue and yellow. This option is more pricy than standard one with HDPE. More info about colors you could read in our recent post on facebook: