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FAQ regarding Yugo carousel

Yugo carousel we have in two version - Yugo 1 and Yugo 2. Wheelchair carousels are made of galvanized steel, designed for disabled people. Yugo 1 can accomodate 3 wheelchair users and 6 persons on three double seats. Yugo 2 can accomodate 2 wheelchair users and 4 persons on two double seats. Both carousels have the same system mechanism. Below we answer for the most FAQ. - Do the gates move in both directions (both inwards and outwards)? - The gates move inwards and outwards. - How do the gates 'lock'? - closing gates = unlocking roundabout. Only when gates are closed you can start turning it. For opening you use red lever - it's for safety reasons. Anyway even if somebody would open gate during roundabout's move, it will slow down and stop automatically. - What is the maximum size of wheelchair that can use the product? - gate?s width = 755mm - What materials are the floors and seats made of? - Floor is an aluminium plate, seats are HDPE 10mm - How is the bearing accessed for maintenance? - there is technical access (just door in the floor) for regulating mechanisms. For bearings upper part of roundabout must be removed, anyway we used extremely resistant bearings for it so there shouldn't be any need to do it. - Is the galvanised steel frame painted? - It's painted (grey colour - the same as on the render below).