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New Multisport Arena

Our multisport arenas its a perfect solution for any school which would like to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage their students to be more active. Kids love to run, jump, spend time with their friends especially when it is sunny outside. Practising sports from an early age will benefit in later stages of anyone's life. A public park or outdoor area would benefit from such innovation as well. Football and sport, in general, brings people together, creates local communities and fulfil the need for personal connection. Being outdoor is good for anyone's mental health, it brings calmness and helps to relax. Scandian are well known for their love of outdoor living. They spend a lot of time walking, skiing, running and just enjoying being outside. Last Autumn new multisport arena has been installed at the Torpparinmäen school (Helsinki/ Finland) and becomes an instant hit with pupils. In our offer, you could find many different sizes and types of soccer ring with or without a basketball basket, small and big gates. They can be custom made to any dimension and needs.